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Cedar home interior

Building your home - your dream home - is one of the most important investments you'll ever make.

At Double 'S' Cedar Homes. we realize how important your dreams can be. Since the 1970's we've worked with hundreds of people like you to bring special homes to life.

We invite you to join us in building a house you'll be proud to call home.

Double 'S' creates the very best cedar post and beam homes from superior British Columbia wood. Homes of authentic quality, personal character and durability.

Whether you're looking for a principal residence, recreational home, commercial structure or that special place off the beaten path, you'll find that Double 'S' Homes are competitively priced.

Post and beam homes date back over two thousand years. In nineteenth-century Canada, buildings with timber posts and beams were highly prized. Skilled carpenters and joiners used an assortment of hand tools to combine the finest ingredients of the building art.

Today's carefully fabricated, durable cedar post and beam homes from Double 'S' use the most beautiful building material available: wood

Cedar Prow model - "A" frame style

Soaring roof lines, cathedral ceilings, finished with Western Red Cedar, panoramic glass-fronted prows, cozy second-storey lofts, and everything the warmth and freshness of wood brought indoors. That's a post and beam home by Double 'S'

Interior photo of a Cedar Prow

Whether you're working, entertaining or just relaxing, Double 'S' offers an environment in harmony with your home's natural settings.

Our post and beam engineering ensures that the structural framework, not interior walls, support the weight of the roof. As a result, room and interior walls can be designed in almost any configuration desired. There's flexibility to develop the floor plan that you really want. Double 'S' helps you design spacious, open living areas: vaulted ceiling, open lofts, bright and airy family areas.

Cedar is the ideal wood for your Double 'S' home. It's strong, durable and highly resistant to harm from temperature extremes, moisture and insects. What's more, cedar's rich palette of colour literally glows with warmth. Its accepts stain or paint well and, if left untouched, ages beautifully.

Double 'S' accepts only the best cedar available. We believe the time we take to search for select wood is worthwhile, because it results in a better quality, more attractive home.

Interior photo of a Cedar Prow

Prefabricating sections of the home such as wall panels and gable ends in the Double 'S' factory saves you a considerable amount of time and money, since your home is complete to a much greater degree by the time it arrives at the job site.

Interior photo of a Cedar Chalet

There are other benefits to a prefabrication besides saving you time and money. Since Double 'S' builds in clean, dry factory, adverse weather and other site problems do not harm the quality of your home or slows its progress.

Interior photo of a Cedar Chalet

As well, building in a controlled environment lets Double 'S' systematically monitor and control the quality of each and every section of the home. Waste is reduced. Moreover, home buyers can save time and money by dealing with a single supplier. And you know ahead of time the final, guaranteed cost for your home package will be.

Double 'S' has the design and construction planning expertise to help you create your dream home. We offer a wide variety of stock plans to choose from, and we'll modify a plan to suit your particular tastes and requirements.

Or bring us your ideas and plans, and we'll custom design a house from scratch. In fact, Double 'S' will do whatever it takes to adapt your ideas to is post and beam system - without betraying or compromising your plan's overall integrity. Whatever option you choose, Double 'S' provides it own design services without charge.
Each Double 'S' home is approved and certified by a Canadian Engineer, and often exceeds applicable building codes and standards. And each comes with a full structural warranty. We'll engineer homes to meet particular challenges such as heavy snow loads or unusual conditions.

Double 'S' uses top-quality kiln-dried framing lumber and plywood sheathing to ensure maximum structural integrity and precision. We offer four different patterns of cedar siding. Channel, Board and Batten siding, (both pre-stained) are applied in our factory, while Bevelled (pre-stained) and smooth Tongue-and-Groove (non-stained) are applied on site.

Interior photo showing cedar railing
You can choose any roof slope that accents your home, ranging from the low-pitch 4/12, the moderate pitch 6/12 and the steep 12/12 Chalet to the traditional Saltbox, Cottage roof or the attractive Gambrel, with two different slopes on each side. You can also combine various roof lines. Double 'S' provides durable asphalt shingles, fibreglass shingles, colourful profiled steel, or optional cedar shingles, shakes or tiles.

Cedar Prow model for a golf store

Energy efficiency is a top priority. We'll insulate to suit your regions's weather conditions and required building code applications. All Double 'S' windows are supplied with thermal-pane insulating glass. Our standard window frames are vinyl. Frame options include thermally broken aluminium and two types of wood, Eastern Pine and West Coast Douglas Fir. Glass can be upgraded to Low E or heat mirror. Standard exterior doors are insulated steel or beautifully milled Western Red Cedar and/or West Coast Douglas Fir. All exterior doors are available in variety of styles, with insulating glass if desired.
Double 'S' homes can be built on top of various foundations: crawl space, post and pad, full or daylight basement, concrete slab or PWF (preserved wood foundation), The design and Canadian Engineering of your foundation are included in the cost of your home package.

Relaxing with family and friends is a natural part of your Double 'S' home. Entertain in airy kitchen and dinning areas, brightened by skylites and generous window space. Or enjoy the view from your spacious living or family rooms.

Inteior photo of a dining and kitchen
A marriage of the aesthetic and the practical, hardwood floors convey the warmth and style found in Double 'S' homes. Optional hardwood flooring is durable and easy to maintain, so it retains its beauty and value year after year. Other options, too, are available.
Interior photo of bedroom
Double 'S' bedroom, dens and offices offer privacy and a comfortable work environment for every member of the household.

Detailing is as important to us as it is to you. All interior wood finishes - such as window casements, mouldings and hand railings - are composed of select kiln-dried B.C. woods.

Double 'S' post and beam buildings are ideal for commercial or office environments.

We design, manufacture and provide all the assembled and finished materials you need to put up your home. For ease and simplicity, Double 'S' provides full construction drawings and designates building components by code number.

Interior photo of the golf store, Cedar Prow model

Our responsibility does not end with the sale. We offer continuing assistance to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your Double 'S' cedar home. If you wish, we will arrange to erect your Double 'S' home to any degree you desire, ranging from shell or lock-up to complete finishing.

Interior photo showing the kitchen, dining and loft.

So when you're planning a Cedar Post and Beam Home, check with Double 'S' before you buy. You'll discover how affordable quality can be.

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